AWA’s Shared Superhero Universe Starting With J. Michael Straczynski And Mike Deodato Jr.’s The Resistance

Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso’s Murdoch-backed IP farm publishing company Artists, Writers & Artisans has announced the first entry in their shared superhero universe.

The Resistance comes from industry veterans J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr. The two previously worked together in the 2000s on The Amazing Spider-Man.

“The Resistance is the series that lays down the foundation for our shared universe — a universe that is rooted in the 21st Century,” teased AWA chief creative officer Axel Alonso, who calls the series “world-building at its finest by two elite creators working at the height of the talents.”

The series focuses on the survivors of a global disaster that kills hundreds of millions of people, but leaves some with super powers. It will attempt to examine superheroes through a modern lens, which has never ever ever been done before. Straczynski said:

“DC and Marvel are products of the times that produced them,” he explained. “DC, which came to prominence in the ’40s and ’50s, a very conservative time, was peopled largely by authority figures: Batman is a cop, Superman’s a cop, Green Lantern is an interstellar cop, Hawkman is another interstellar cop, Flash is a cop-scientist, and so on. Marvel hit its stride during the anti-authoritarian ’60s, and that’s reflected by its heroes: the Hulk and Thor answer to no one, Spider-Man is a kid, the X-Men are on the run from the government… you get the idea. Those were the paradigms then.”

The Resistance will launch in early 2020, but how long before the shared cinematic universe is announced?

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