Kansas City Star Publishes Jai Nitz Allegations on Front Page

In April, Dark Horse Comics cancelled issues three and four of Astro Hustle following allegations about writer Jai Nitz. The allegations come out in an article on the University of Kansas’s online magazine Her Campus, where former editor-in-chief Hannah Strader alleges Nitz made inappropriate advances towards her and unwanted physical contact, while he was a guest lecturer at the college.

Now, The Kansas City Star has published a front page article by Nicole Asbury, which expands on Stradler’s previous report and states that following the initial article, four more women have filed police reports against Nitz, including a Kansas City woman that told police Nitz raped her in a parking lot and a woman in Lawrence that said Nitz routinely coerced her into sex.

Nitz was hired by Kansas University to lecture on creative writing and graphic novels and returned at the invitation of professors and campus organizations. But despite a “pattern of predatory behavior towards female students” dating back to 2014 and Stradler’s article, Nitz wasn’t banned from KU until this year.

In a statement to Bleeding Cool, Nitz said:

“This is a very difficult time for me and my family. I apologize for my past behaviors and any pain they caused. I am stepping away from comics and public life. I am seeking counseling and trying to live a better life for my loved ones.”

Nitz has not been arrested or charged in any criminal case.

Read Asbury’s full report here, but be wary it contains graphic detail of sexual assault.

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