Warren Ellis Says His Wildcats With Ramon Villalobos Is Cancelled

Dozens of fans all over the world collectively gasped over the weekend when they read in Warren Ellis’ newsletter that the upcoming Wildcats comic he was working on with artist Ramon Villalobos was cancelled.

Oh. yeah.  WILDCATS isn’t coming out.  There is hope that it will be resolicited at a later date, but, for right now, it’s cancelled.  As you know, I was two scripts into it, with chunks of other parts done and a full and lengthy treatment for six issues, so it’s kind of frustrating for me too. (RIP my bills.)

Last week, Villalobos tweeted out that due to missed deadlines, the series was postponed after DC Comics cancelled orders for Wildcats #1-3.

DC’s CCO/Co-Publisher Jim Lee also tweeted support last week for the book about how bummed he is about the delay, but it seems Ellis isn’t holding his scotch-scented breath.

Looks like this series will be similar to Lee and Grant Morrison’s 2006 Wildcats series, never to actually emerge.


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