Bucking Trends, Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ Die Actually Seeing Floppy Sales Swelling

In a very rare instance for the comics industry, floppy sales on Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ Die series are increasing. The standard is that the first issue sells gangbusters in case the property is optioned by Hollywood and then sales taper off. But that’s not the case here.

According to numbers from Diamond, the monopoly that distributes comics, initial orders of Die are up 20%.

  • Die #3:  19,399
  • Die #4:  20,420
  • Die #5:  21,997
  • Die #6:  24,000+

This week, Image Comics also announced a second printing of Die #6 so 24,000 wasn’t enough to meet initial demand.

ICv2 talked to Publisher Eric Stephenson about the reasoning behind the numbers.

“[G]aming is a big part of the book,” Stephenson said.  “It’s set in an RPG come to life.  It’s built around a game that Kieran has meticulously constructed as part of his world-building and that is also available for people to play via a download.  This is basically people who play a roleplaying game being able to go into that world and have experiences there.  RPGs are a really big deal right now, and I think readers have latched onto that.”

The second printing of Die #6 is set to release August 28, while the first trade paperback collecting 1-5 was released in June.

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