Top 5 Scenes Cut from The Avengers: Endgame Now Available on Home Video

Unlike the Snyder Cut, Marvel gave us every piece of film shot for Avengers: Endgame. Here are the Top 5 best ones that were not best enough to make the final cut.


5. 2012 Steve Rogers shows his whole asshole in that scene where he fights his future self.

This was cut because the guy that bleaches Chris Evans accidentally double-booked and he wasn’t pucker-ready, so it never went past some test shooting.

run time: 35 seconds of extra footage


4. We see the Russo Brother go on an entire date with a man to the Olive Garden where his only talking points are naming off different kinds of pasta shapes.

Marvel heads found that this may be too homoerotic to pander to overseas audiences, so it was cut.

run time: 98 minutes of extra footage


3. A side story where Scarlet Johansson, as Black Widow, successfully infiltrates Wakanda as a spy to investigate mysterious killings by a white man adorned as a samurai.

Scar Jo was insistent to have this in the script after her debacle with Ghost in the Shell in what she believed was the audience not trusting her ability to mimic people of a different culture/ color. It was quietly cut in the final edit because producers knew she can’t see anything with her head so far up her ass.

run time: 45 minutes of extra footage


2. Awkward silence when Clint and Black Widow squint and ask the Red Skull if he’s ‘That Nazi, Red Skull?”

The Russo did not want politics to be in this movie, so they figured to just cut it all out to prevent offending anyone.

runt time: 12 minutes of extra footage



1. Credits of every fan’s name that has tied this franchise’s growth and achievements to their individual personality as a contribution to the franchise’s success and thus their own success.

It would have lasted so long and also everyone agreed it is very unhealthy.

run time: 1200 hours of extra footage


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