Black Crown Launches Kickstarter For Hey Amateur! Anthology

IDW Publishing’s Black Crown imprint has launched a Kickstarter for Hey Amateur!, an anthology spinning out of the pages of the Black Crown Quarterly. The anthology will feature one-page stories teaching how-tos on new skills and talents.

Creators contributing to the anthology include Michael Allred, Gail Simone, Jill Thompson, John Allison, Liz Prince, Mark Buckingham, Magdalene Visaggio, Glyn Dillon, Dilraj Mann, Chynna Clugston Flores, Erica Henderson, Peter Bagge, and Simon Bisley.

Topics the book will cover include How to do a skateboard Ollie, Be a badass Goth, Rock Barre Chords, Spot a Galaxy, Train your Doppelgänger, Use and ask for pronouns, Catch a loose dog (from someone who runs a dog rescue), Draw likenesses, Letter a comic book page, Kiss, Talk to a celebrity, Fake a guitar solo, and Write your own TTRPG.

Black Crown is using a similar strategy to Femme Magnifque, Kickstarting an exclusive hardcover and printing the softcover later with french flaps and extra bonus material. The hardcover plans to be 128 pages long.

Black Crown is trying to raise $50,000 and the Kickstarter is live now.

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