Fake Tweet Used To Attempt To Besmirch New Marvel Comics Writer Alyssa Wong

A few weeks back, Greg Pak announced on Twitter that speculative fiction writer Alyssa Wong will be joining him as co-writer on the Marvel Comics series Aero.

Aero would be Wong’s first work for the publisher and she took to Twitter to express her excitement for the series.

The announcement of Wong as co-writer on a Marvel Comics series is a bit of a surprise due to her vocal nature critical of Marvel’s Editor In Chief CB Cebulski, who once used a Japanese pseudonym to get around Marvel’s then-policy of editors not being able to also be writers. As Akira Yoshida, Cebulski created an elaborate backstory and even implied that a Japanese translator he was showing around the offices was Yoshida. Cebulski lied for years that he wasn’t Yoshida and only admitted to the deed before taking the EiC role.

While the above tweets resurfaced in an attempt to discredit Wong, the below tweet also appeared to do the same. It claims that Wong smeared Stan Lee. The only difference is the below tweet is a fake. Marvel was aware of the above tweets, but not the below tweet, when hiring Wong because the below tweet is a recent fabrication.

Cyberfrog creator and current Comicsgate poster boy Ethan Van Sciver replied on Twitter citing another tweet where he asked why Wong deleted the tweet regarding Stan Lee. Despite the Stan Lee tweet being a fake.

The internet has an infinite memory and if Wong’s Stan Lee was real, it would’ve been brought up previously in addition to having any sort of cache or archive online.

The solicit text for Aero #2 is below.


(W) Zhou Liefen, Greg Pak (A) Pop Mhan (A/CA) Keng


•  When she’s not fighting mysterious giant golems with her wind powers, AERO is the Shanghai-based architect LEI LING, who sometimes just wants to have dinner with her boyfriend in peace.

•  But when her boyfriend springs a surprise, Ling discovers that her civilian life might be as perilous as her super hero life!

•  Meanwhile, in our second story, AERO and WAVE test the limits of their water and air powers – and begin to unravel the mystery of the strange ties that bind them.

Rated T+In Shops: Aug 07, 2019

SRP: $3.99

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