Former Unofficial DC PR Rep Jonah Weiland Becomes Official DC PR Rep

The rumour mill is reporting that Jonah Weiland, former owner of Comic Book Resources, has sailed his yacht back to the comic book shores, taking the role of Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at DC Comics.

Weiland will report to Hank Kanalz, Senior VP — Publishing Strategy and Support Services – who reports to DC co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. He’ll focus on marketing DC books to the direct market.

Weiland created Comic Book Resources in 1995 and his biggest sin was giving Rich Johnston a larger platform for his gossip. He sold CBR in 2016 to Valnet Inc., who describe themselves as “Global Trendsetters in Content Creation and Distribution,” whatever that means.

Let us know where you park that yacht in Burbank, Jonah. My name is Tim and I like to party.

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