Comics Pit SDCC Mega Super Article!!

SDCC maybe over with, and with so much happening over the weekend. Are you afraid you missed out? Or did you miss something? Well, we here at Comics Pit got your hookup with this article which has a link to every single going on that we reported on.


NECA Toys Goes All-In on ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Licence!

SDCC: Mattel Relaunches ‘Masters of the Universe’ Toyline!!

SDCC: ‘ROM’ Returns to IDW With Dire Wraiths in Tow

SDCC: IDW Goes Back to the Mirror Universe Again With ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ (and Eventually ToS & DS9)

Top 10 Hot, Rare Exclusives to Pick Up at SDCC This Year.

SDCC Wednesday Comics: ‘The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue’ Comic Announced

SDCC: Dan DiDio Promises More Harm to Befall Wally West!

SDCC: DC Comics to Work on an Official Timeline to Screw It Up Again!

SDCC: Tom King and Mitch Gerad on the “Loving” Reactions to ‘Heroes in Crisis’!

SDCC: Dan DiDio Expresses Frustration Over Facsimile Editions DC Comics Being More Popular Than Current Day DC Comics!


SDCC: IDW Has Another ROM Series: ‘Read Only Memories’ in December

SDCC: Russo Brothers’ AGBO Studio Working on ‘Battle of the Planets’ & ‘Grimjack’

SDCC: Marvel Tries Its Hand with Math With a ‘2099’ Teaser

SDCC: Marvel Teases a Return to the Cosmic With More ‘Annihilation’

SDCC: Dr. Doom Gets an Ongoing!

SDCC: Behold the DuckTales Poster Smashing Your Expectations Away!!


SDCC: DC Increasing Reprints, Much to Dan DiDio’s Chagrin!

SDCC: Marvel ‘Future Fight’ Characters Get Spotlight in ‘Future Fight Firsts’

SDCC: ‘Rick & Morty’ Season 4 Glootie Clip!

SDCC: Preview Art for ‘Shadow of the Batgirl’ Revealed!!

SDCC: ‘Red Goblin’, ‘Mary Jane’, & ‘Spider-Verse’ Titles Announced

SDCC: ‘Miracleman’ to Appear in ‘Marvel Comics #1000’

SDCC: Adult Swim Gifts World a Clip From Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Primal’!!

The 2019 Eisner Award Winners

SDCC Star Trek Roundup: ‘Discovery’, ‘Lower Decks’, & ‘Picard’

SDCC ‘ The Orville’ Makes the Trek to Hulu


SDCC: Marvel Reveals A Half-Dozen New ‘X-Men’ Titles

SDCC: Marvel Studios Announces a Ton of Projects

SDCC: ‘Doom Patrol’ and ‘Young Justice’ Get a Seasons 2 and 4!!!

SDCC: ‘Titans’ Season 2 Release Date & First Looks of Deathstroke & Aqualad!!

SDCC: Lucasfilm Publishing Updates ‘Star Wars’ Comic Slate, Announces ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’

King & Gerads on ‘Strange Adventures’ 2020

SDCC: CW Superhero Show Sizzle Reels

SDCC: New ‘Watchmen’ Trailer

There’s all the coverage the Comics Pit had on SDCC this year. Well, save for the interviews. Look to those from Tim Midura in the future!

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