SDCC: Marvel Reveals A Half-Dozen New ‘X-Men’ Titles

Marvel canceled all previous X-Men titles seemingly to start things over with Jonathan Hickman‘s House of X and Powers of X. This, of course, was to clear the way for a tribble-like explosion of X-Men titles which were revealed today at San Diego Comic-Con. At Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing panel, six new X-books were revealed and the “Dawn of X” begins in October with:

X-Men #1 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Leinil Yu. This book stars Cyclops and his hand-picked squad of mutants.

X-Men #1 (2019) cover by Leinil Yu

Also in October, a new Captain Britain leads Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor, and Apocalypse(!) through chaos and the Otherworld(s) in Excalibur #1. Excalibur is written by Tini Howard and artist Marcus To.

Excalibur #1 (2019) cover by Mahmud Asrar

Marauders is written by Gerry Dugan with art by Matteo Lolli and shows that humans can still be jerks to mutants. This book takes to the seas with Captain Kate Pryde, Storm, Pyro, Bishop, and Iceman who are funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company.

Marauders #1 cover by Russell Dauterman

November brings two issues of the new New Mutants. This iteration is written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson and has art by Rod Reis. The classic New Mutants – Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik, and Cypher – are back and joined by Generation Xers Chamber and Mondo, taking to space to find a missing member. They’ll also be meeting with the Starjammers in this adventure.

New Mutants #1 (2019) cover by Rod Reis

November also brings the new version of Fallen Angels by writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Szymon Kudranski. Someone from Psylocke‘s past pushes Kwannon to get help from Cable and X-23 in a mission of vengeance.

Fallen Angels #1 (2019) cover by Ashley Witter

The new X-Force is described as the CIA of the mutant world. This version of X-Force is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Joshua Cassara and consists of Beast, Jean Grey, Sage, Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino. As Marvel says:

“In a perfect world, there would be no need for an X-Force. We’re not there…yet.”

The new X-Force arrives in November.

X-Force #1 (2019) cover by Dustin Weaver

What do you think of these new X-titles?

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