SDCC: ‘Red Goblin’, ‘Mary Jane’, & ‘Spider-Verse’ Titles Announced

Marvel announced at bunch of new Spider-Man-related titles at San Diego Comic-Con today, both at the Diamond Retailer event and during the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man panel. The new titles are Red Goblin: Red Death, The Amazing Mary Jane, and Spider-Verse.

NOTE: The Mary Jane title might spoil Amazing Spider-Man #25

Red Goblin: Red Death #1 is a one-shot featuring the alter ego of Spidey’s long-time nemesis, Norman Osborn. Osborn took the identity of the Red Goblin during the final arc of Dan Slott‘s Spider-Man, which combined the crazy dude with the crazy symbiote Carnage. The comic is written by Pat Gleason, Rob Fee, and Sean Ryan with art by Pete Woods, looks at the “mayhem and madness” caused by ‘ol Gobby during his short life span. Red Death swoops in in October.


Mary Jane Watson is getting her own ongoing series in October with The Amazing Mary Jane. The title spins out of the events of Amazing Spider-Man #25 and as the promotional material says:

Mary Jane Watson just got her big shot — but at what cost? And can she really trust anyone as she pursues her Hollywood dreams?

The Amazing Mary Jane will be written by Leah Williams with art by Carlos Gomez.


The 2014 event Spider-Verse brought together Spider-people from many different dimensions. It was followed up in 2018 with Spider-Geddon, with Miles Morales taking the lead role from Peter Parker, preparing him for the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film. Morales once again gets the lead role in a new six-issue limited series called (once again) Spider-Verse. Here’s how this venture will go:

Miles falls through a portal and Miles finds himself at the center of an adventure across the Multiverse that will feature a who’s who of creators and characters as the series spins forward. What other Spider-People will Miles meet?

Some of those creators include writer Jed MacKay and artists Juan Frigeri, Arthur Adams, Stuart Immonen, Stacey Lee, and more. The new Spider-Verse swings in in October.


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  1. I would have rather have seen a Hobgoblin mini-series but apparently Marvel believes we can’t get enough of Norman-Sue Osborn.

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