SDCC: Marvel ‘Future Fight’ Characters Get Spotlight In ‘Future Fight Firsts’

Though not their comics debut, several characters from a Marvel videogame will be getting their own special issues in Future Fight Firsts this October. As the title implies, all of the characters appeared the 2015 mobile game Marvel Future Fight. Each of the Korean characters spotlighted in Future Fight Firsts have appeared in comics form before, White Fox first appeared up in a Korean web comic before showing up in the West in Contest of Champions. Crescent and Io and Luna Snow first showed up in the War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas (along with White Fox) mini-series earlier this year, and all of them will appear in the Agents of Atlas limited series this August.

All of the Future Fight Firsts titles will also be written by Alyssa Wong, with a different artist for the three titles announced: Jon Lam on Crescent and Io, Kevin Libranda on White Fox, and Gang Hyuk Lim on Luna Snow. In addition to the individual tales, a Future Avengers story will run as a secondary story across the different issues.

Here’s a rundown of the Future Fight Firsts issues:

Crescent and Io #1:

How did Dan Bi, a young girl from South Korea, first bring an ancient mystical bear spirit into the modern world? How did this unlikely duo become the evil-smashing team known as Crescent and Io?


White Fox #1:

Ami Han is White Fox: a spy, a Super Hero, and the last of the kumiho—a mystical race of shapeshifters. But who was she before she became White Fox? And what happened to the rest of the kumiho?


Luna Snow #1:

As a South Korean pop sensation, Seol Hee melt her fans’ hearts…and now as Luna Snow she has the power to freeze her enemies! How does Luna juggle being an international pop star with battling evil as a Super Hero? How did she gain her powers and what does Stark Industries have to do with it?


Each of these Future Fight Firsts titles will arrive in October.

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