Toonami Newest Show Runs into Snafu; Nor Best Timing for Announcements!

Yes, it is SDCC week, but in light to the tragedy of what happened to Kyoto Animation just a day ago. You’d think any announcements of any fire related anime would be a bad thing to announce? Well, Toonami doesn’t think so as they revealed the latest anime to their line-up today, Fire Force. The head of Toonami himself, Jason DeMarco revealed it on Twitter:

The anime was currently airing in Japan. Was being a key word. In light of recent events the show has been pulled in airing any new episodes due to the recent tragedy. Which is again, kind of weird that Toonami would announce this a day after. DeMarco himself said this about the possible now delay that would effect the series:

We’ll keep you updated on the situation whether the anime returns, or even pulled all together plus what Toonami will do if and when the delay hits. Or if the show even comes back.

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