SDCC: Tom King and Mitch Gerad on the “Loving” Reactions to ‘Heroes in Crisis’!

Many people did not like Heroes in Crisis (myself in included) and the backlash to the comic went to some wrong places (writer Tom King was given death threats– because some fans can go crazy when things are done to their favorite character). So today at SDCC a creator spotlight panel featuring King and artist Mitch Gerad (who drew the “fill-in issues” of the series), talked about the reaction of the series from fans.

King said this to start things off:

People fucking hated [Heroes in Crisis] so much. I’ve never written something someone hated so much. But I love it. I think I got the message I wanted to get across. I think, killing Wally, it was a tough hill for people to climb.

Gerad then said this right after about the ultimate reveal of who was the killer:

It all made sense. When bad things happen to characters, it’s earned, in a way. Everything led to that moment and it had to be that. That’s the point of that story — when you break, you do it out of character. You don’t break in character.

Hoo-boy. Yeah, save for you know retconing the entire Speed Force to do something it never did before. And you know. Forgetting years of stories involving Wally West. This story was no ways earned.

King then went on to say this about Wally West:

Wally was my Flash growing up. He was the Peter Parker of the DCU. It was tough on him because it was like the symbol of Rebirth killing people. First of all, Wally doesn’t murder anyone, that doesn’t happen. There’s heroism in being vulnerable. To always say I’m strong is not to be strong, it’s to be arrogant.

But Wally did mutilate dead bodies to put evidence in to frame the survivors (including his own), almost started a time paradox in killing himself, not to mention trick the survivors into thinking the other was the killer, and somehow killed Lagoon Boy in a completely different way than a lightning strike via the Speed Force. But we’re talking about the plot holes from the comic. Yeah what a hero that Wally West was in this event.

Not to mention there are much more better written ways to showcase vulnerability. Heroes in Crisis is quite the opposite in that regard in showcasing a hero’s vulnerability.

4 thoughts on “SDCC: Tom King and Mitch Gerad on the “Loving” Reactions to ‘Heroes in Crisis’!

  1. As I’ve said in other places, Tom King clearly has no understanding of the character of Wally West, his history or how his powers work. Wally has been a superhero since he was barely a teenager and has become one with the Speed Force on more than one occasion. His reaction times are one millionth times faster than the average person. He simply would not ever lose control of his speed in the way it was portrayed and even if he had emitted a bolt of speed lightning, he would have run faster than the lightning to get people out of the way. Nor would he ever have staged a crime scene and lied. It simply isn’t in his nature, no matter what losses he has endured. I get that they are abusing several of the mid-legacy characters for some reason right now (Wally, Dick Grayson,) but if you just wanted to move him off the table in such a base and uncharacteristic way, why bring him back from the dust of the New 52 at all?


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