SDCC: Russo Brothers’ AGBO Studio Working On ‘Battle Of The Planets’ & ‘Grimjack’


Anthony and Joe Russo, known as the Russo Brothers, had their own panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The brothers most recent directorial work was that small film Avengers: Endgame, and the brothers came to Comic-Con to talk about that movie and some things they have planned for the future. Before their panel, they provided a hint of the news that would come:

Yes, that’s a Gatchman aka. Battle of the Planets shirt Anthony is wearing, and that is something the brothers talked about. Their studio AGBO, are tackling two genre-related projects in the future: Grimjack and Battle of the Planets.

Grimjack is a character that first appeared in 1983’s Starslayer #10 by First Comics. His first appearance was written by John Ostrander and drawn by Lenin Delsol. The character was given his own title the next year by Ostrander and artist Timothy Truman. The comic told the tale of John Gaunt (and later James Twilley), Grimjack, a mercenary and war veteran. He works out of Cynosure, a city in which all dimensions connect. The Russos won’t be directing Grimjack, but would produce for a series on Amazon.

Grimjack #1 cover

Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman (Science Ninja Squad Gatchaman), or simply Gatchaman, is an anime that aired in Japan in 1972. It chronicled the adventures of a youthful five-member team fighting the evil Galactor who are trying to control Earth’s natural resources. The series came West as Battle of the Planets in 1978, and also later as G-Force and Eagle Riders.

Apparently the Joe Russo was a big fan of the show and when he was a kid, would run home from school to watch it. The brothers said it is possible they would direct a Battle of the Planets project, and if so, it would be live-action. It wouldn’t be the first time Gatchaman got the live-action treatment, let’s hope this effort would be more well-received than that one did.

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