SDCC: Marvel Tries Its Hand With Math With A ‘2099’ Teaser

Back in 1992, Marvel‘s 2099 universe was born with the introduction of Spider-Man 2099. The 2099 universe was a possible future for the Marvel Universe, a world which experienced a Mutant-Human War, where much of the United States is uninhabitable and part of California has sunk into the sea, and oligarchs reigned. Wait, that’s the future? Anyway the 2099 line of comics started with Spider-Man 2099, Ravage 2099, Doom 2099, and Punisher 2099 and later expanded before it was ended in March 1998.

Though characters and visits to that era have appeared in Marvel comics have come and gone through the years, it seems like Marvel is going to try to bring it back in a big way later this year. At a retailers summit at San Diego Comic-Con, the company teased a new 2099 project, to be helmed by writer Nick Spencer.

Marvel 2099 promo

The teaser for the 2099 plays with math, saying that 80 years ago it was 1939 (Marvel Comics #1), and in 80 years it will be 2099. Congratulations Marvel, you get a STEM award. Also an award of once again tying something into the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics.

2019’s 2099 project will start November, hopefully there will be more information on this before then.

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