SDCC: Dr. Doom Gets An Ongoing!!

Rejoice peasants and cower fans of loathsome RICHARDS! Doctor Doom is getting a new ongoing!! Yes, since the last Doom ongoing which was called the Infamous Iron Man (and we just don’t like to think of it anymore). Just know it existed and be done with it. But Doom has had better superior ongoings like DOOM 2099 in the 90s and Super Villain Team-Up in the late 70s. Now the aptly named Dr. Doom ongoing will join those ranks starting in October.

The comic will be written by Christopher Cantwell (co-creator of Halt and Catch Fire TV show) and art by Salvador Larroca (gee perhaps this was why he was pulled from Absolute Carnage event). As for the plot, it’ll focus on Dr. Doom being framed for a crime he didn’t commit (spoiler it’ll probably be revealed being RICHARDS’ fault. It’s always RICHARDS’ fault). He’ll have to run from the law (more than likely RICHARDS. CURSE THAT RICHARDS!) and himself?!

Here’s a few covers that the series will have:

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