SDCC: DC Increasing Reprints, Much to Dan DiDio’s Chagrin!

Yesterday, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio went on a hat-trick attaining tear that almost made me glad the HAS DC DONE SOMETHING STUPID? counter has been retired because he’d probably break the damn thing with every word he said at the Meet the Publishers panel at SDCC. One of those comments was about his disdain for facsimile reprints. Saying that they are selling much better than the actual current crop of comics.

Well at today’s SDCC Retailer’s Lunch, someone at DC Comics decided to go ahead and spite DiDio (as revealed by Bleeding Cool head writer Judas Terror). DC announced a bunch of 100-Page Giant reprints (with a twenty-one page original story still) hitting retailers Target and Wal-Mart.

Not to mention more of those DAMNED DIRTY (as Dan DiDio likes to call them) facsimile edition comics.

And the soon to be officially Dan DiDio-hated Dollar comic reprint line.

There are a few more reprinted comics coming down the line (Batman Day is going to see more Batman reprints be out for the day). But it looks like DC is expanding on reprinting the past. If only they could do something in the present for their current crop of stories.

Thank you Jude! PIP! PIP!

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