SDCC: Dan DiDio Expresses Frustration Over Facsimile Editions DC Comics Being More Popular Than Current Day DC Comics!!

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio pulled a quoting hat trick today at the SDCC panel: Meet the Publishers. First he promised more hell in the future for Wally West, and then revealed that DC intends to release a new timeline (because you know he kind of broke the last one numerous times over).


Yes, Dan DiDio is an article machine today as he said ONE MORE great line at the panel today. He asked the audience of what they felt of the Facsimile Editions of the comics they publish. When the audience didn’t respond to him, DiDio then said this:

We do these Facsimile Editions where we reprint older issues of comics including all the old ads and stuff…and in some cases these are selling more than the new comics with these characters. People are more interested in buying the stories from 30 or 40 years ago than the contemporary stories, and that’s a failure on us. We should be focused on moving things forward, always pushing the boundaries and finding new stories to tell. That’s how we’ll survive and grow this industry.

That is so true. If only you’d be making actually critically acclaimed comics instead of comics that resulted infamous ones that creative teams have to explain it more.

Writer Joe Hill, (who had just joined the panel prior to talk about his HIll House Imprint from DC) showed much better insight in responding:

I want to defend the Facsimile Editions for a minute. “The reason they sell so well is, if you’re an older reader who has kids who are going crazy for comics, you’re gonna buy the Facsimile Edition because those are the stories you knew and loved as a kid. So for people who didn’t know them, they’re not ‘new’, but they are new.

And what Hill says is true. That if fans of the past want to get fans of future. They’re going to have to give them these facsimile edition comics. And that was a much better reasonable answer and showed more reason as to why that brand is selling compared to the actual publisher of DC Comics.

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