SDCC: ‘Rom’ Returns To IDW With Dire Wraiths In Tow

Rom, Space Knight, is returning once again to IDW with a new title: ROM: Dire Wraiths. Rom’s first series was at Marvel and ran from 1979 to 1985. The character returned to comics with IDW in 2016, his solo series ending there in August 2017, though he did appear in other IDW titles after that.

At the IDW/Hasbro panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the new ROM: Dire Wraiths title was teased. No creators were attached to this new project, and it wasn’t mentioned whether this will be a mini or ongoing, but it is scheduled to arrive in October of this year. The story starts with Rom’s sworn enemies, the Dire Wraiths, showing up at the historic moon landing by the United States.

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