SDCC: Mattel Relaunches ‘Masters of the Universe’ Toyline!!

With Mattel losing the DC Comics label to McFarlane Toys at the end of this year, the company was in a tight spot. Perhaps humbled Mattel looked to the past were once upon a time they were the MASTERS of the toy shelves in the 80s.

Yes, Mattel is bringing back their He-Man & the Masters of the Universe line to retail shelves (as per the reveal via Io9) in Fall of 2020. Re-branding the line, Masters of the Universe Origins this time around they’re using the same 80s molds (5.5-inches tall), but giving them added articulation. The most shocking thing is the price-point. Figures of the line will cost one a mere $12.99, seven dollars cheaper than a Star Wars: Black and Marvel Legends figure.

Yes, they even brought back the packaging the figures had and will even include the mini-comics.

So far, only Skeletor and He-Man have been revealed. But SDCC is just starting up, and Mattel has promised more figures to be revealed throughout the convention week.

So with all these MotU reveals where does this put Super 7, the company that currently is putting out the product of this brand (which will have a 1988 movie line and Snake Mountain playset to be released this and next year)? These are questions we shall look into this week as well. Until then…

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