SDCC: DC Comics to Work on an Official Timeline to Screw It Up Again!

Besides shooting himself in the foot with Wally West, Co-publisher Dan DiDio today also talked at the DC Meet the Publishers Panel at SDCC of another topic: continuity. Yes, DC and continuity used to be a tight thing. Well, until a certain someone came into power at DC. *cough* The very man who’s talking about how screwed up everything was because of his own mismanagement. *cough* Well, it looks like DC is getting back into the continuity game as DiDio himself revealed:

DC editorial is currently working on an official timeline of the DC Universe “so that we have a better understanding of how are characters interconnect and fall in their relationships with each other.

Namely, how screwed up the current DC timeline is. Since you know he’s sort of the blame for it all himself. After all kids, remember what Dan DiDio said in 2015, ” In this new era of storytelling, story will trump continuity as we continue to empower creators to tell the best stories in the industry”. So yeah, DiDio admits failure on his part with the timeline.

The failing of the New 52 was that we didn’t take the time to figure this stuff out.

That is really putting it mildly. They said at first that Batman and Green Lantern continuity would remain the same. But then fall back and remove all Batgirls save Barbara Gordon (who was ALWAYS meant to be Batgirl, not that Oracle gal though. Nope that was limiting and not an evolution of the character), remove Tim Drake as a Robin instead having only been Red Robin (and then re-edit the trades to reflect this change), Batman having four three Robins in ten years, make certain junctures in Green Lantern history a mess, was there Teen Titans team?, how Damian Wayne was born, and of course forgoing the marriages of Ollie/Dinah, Clark/Lois, and Arthur/Mera.

Yeah, the New 52 was a truly a clusterfuck of continuity. It didn’t help when they added some elements back with Rebirth, as an apology (though I’m still waiting on the Batgirl stuff DC. Showing two of them said future and not reinstating those bat symbols. Yep gonna need see that still).

Hopefully, this time around whomever is in charge is part of a crack team of continuity people. This is going to be shot to pieces by the fans won’t it? We shall see when DC unveils their new timeline.

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  1. The vicious cycle continues. Asking the man who BROKE DC to FIX IT is a MISTAKE. The only way to FIX THINGS PERMANENTLY is to FIRE DAN DIDIO and call it a day.

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