SDCC: Dan DiDio Promises More Harm to Befall Wally West!

DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee had a Meet the Publishers panel today at SDCC where they talked about many topics. One of those was DiDio talking about Wally West, who was recently revealed as the killer in the universally loathed Heroes in Crisis event.

For those thinking that the mini-series Flash Forward (written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Brett Booth) staring the character will lead into something different and already retcon the horrible events that were done to the character in that. DiDio of course, fucked up and hasn’t learned a damn thing.

Here’s what he said regarding to poor Wally:

Everybody here loves Wally West. We’re gonna put Wally through the wringer.

And of course that the story will lead into another big event for DC.

Oh joy…

This isn’t the first time in DiDio’s tenure where characters did something out of character, and it took years to undo the horrible damage done to the character. Take Stephanie Brown in Batman: War Games 2004 event. It took three years before DC realized they goofed on that and brought the character back. Cassandra Cain in 2006’s Robin OYL storyline where fan backlash caused DC to reverse the villainous turn into a retcon the following year. Then a year later after that ousted her from the Batgirl mantle, because DiDio wanted Barbara Gordon back in the role (ironically Stephanie Brown would get that. And that move only lasted a few years before DiDio got his iconic wish).

Then there’s Roy Harper, who’s young child Lian was brutally murdered in 2009’s Cry for Justice, and then Rise of Arsenal did drugs and fought criminals with dead cats. That took a few years, and several more bad comics before the move was undone as an afterthought in the Convergence event in 2015. SIX YEARS AFTER the awful story!


How is it this man still has a job approving these stories?

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