Chuck Dixon Is Not A Fan Of Tom King’s Batman

Comic book writer Chuck Dixon took to Facebook Wednesday to share his thoughts on Tom King’s Batman. His thoughts were summed up in five words.

How not to write comics.

The page Dixon shared was from today’s release of Batman #75, written by King with art by Tony S. Daniel. It shows Gotham Girl monologuing during a fight. Over the course of five panels, there’s twenty word balloons.

Dixon is known for his work on The Punisher, Batman, and Nightwing in the ’90s. Though these days, he’s working on other ideas, including ALT-HERO:Q, which was pulled from IndieGoGo. The proposed publisher Arkhaven Comics promised to “make comics great again.”

In response to the book being pulled, Dixon said:

“Absolutely. The left will weaponize anything to shut down free speech.”

Though if you still want your taste of Dixon, there’s always Trump’s Space Force, so take his opinion with a grain of salt.

Batman #75 released today.

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