ShortBox Announces Upcoming Titles

ShortBox is a curated comic book service that sends five comics to subscribers each quarter. Founded by Zainab Akhtar in 2016, ShortBox doesn’t conform to a strict length or format, allowing creators to experiment. The next shipment, ShortBox #11, is set to release in September.

ShortBox #11 will contain:

Minotaar by Lissa Treiman

Dena and Mel embark on a mission of epic proportions: visiting the byzantine halls of IKOS in order to retrieve the flat-pack bookshelf of Dena’s dreams after some meatballs, of course. But something strange is afoot in IKOS’ minimally designed, one-way aisles…. Can Dena and Mel, and their friendship, navigate the realm of retail and emerge unscathed?

Cry Wolf Girl by Ariel Ries

The story goes like this: There was once a girl named Dawa. Having lost her family to sickness, she found herself with an emptiness inside that she did not know how to fill. Alas, in all her endeavors, nothing she tried ever left her feeling so full as the art of trickery.

Pass the Baton by Hana Chatani

Returning to her apartment from a visit to the corner store, Noriko spies on a young teen experiencing his first romantic rejection. Years later, their paths cross once again, and the two bond over shared passions, insecurities and love in its many forms.

At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk by Jen Lee

Part road-trip, part memoir, At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk charts Jen’s journey post the end of a long-term relationship as she moves across the country from her farmhouse to a new home and job in the city, while reflecting on the changes and challenges she’s faced.

Cavity by Michelle Theodore

Elliot’s got a cavity. She knows it needs to be seen to, but right now she doesn’t have the motivation to book an appointment with the dentist. Or to see her friends and family, do the laundry, cook and clean, or do anything much. Meanwhile, the cavity grows…. And so does something inside it….

Preorders are available now at ShortBox’s website until July 28.

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