IDW Publishing Adapting Stephen And Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties As 10 Issue Series

IDW Publishing is set to adapt Stephen and Owen King’s 2017 novel Sleeping Beauties as a ten part comic book series. The adaptation will be written by Rio Youers and drawn by Alison Sampson, with a launch expected in early 2020.

Sleeping Beauties is a dark fantasy tale that some critics have framed as an gripping allegory for toxic masculinity and contemporary gender politics in the wake of the #metoo movement. In the story a plague called Aurora (named after Disney’s knackered princess) has left the world’s women in a deep, cocooned slumber that exiles them to their dreams.  Society, meanwhile, is left entirely in the hands of men and quickly plunges into savagery.

This book was Stephen’s second collaboration with one of his son’s, as he previously worked on Throttle with Joe Hill, who has an extensive background with IDW publishing Locke & Key, Thumbprint, and The Cape.

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