HasLabs Debuts the Wallet-Eater aka ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ Unicron!

I hope any of you enjoyed the feel of money in your wallet. It was a good feeling wasn’t it? Well, HasLabs aka Hasbro’s crowd-funding spin-off venture has revealed their latest project. And their latest project will summon Transformers fans for a purpose: War for Cybertron Unicron!

Yes, this 27-inch bot will be the largest Transformer so far ever made (toppling the current holder Titans Return Fortress Maximus by several inches). Now will that figure cost collectors just over a hundred dollars. This venture from HasLabs will cost folks $574.99!

If that wasn’t crazy enough his alternate planet mode will be so huge that a custom stand to keep it afloat. The planet mode also will a “planet-eating jaws” feature. Alright, let’s just start the betting pool on how long before someone does a stupid thing with that feature.

You’re crying for the loss of your wallet aren’t you? You already mourn the money that will be lost because of this. For this will be the most expensive official tranforming product Hasbro itself has ever put out. It puts itself on a scale of third party companies large-ass figures.

Yes, cry collectors. For the eater of your wallets is here!

Currently, the crowd-funder is only at 448 backers out of 8,000 with only 45 days to go. Will you join in?

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