June 2019 Comic Sales Down Vs May 2019

Comichron has released its compiled sales information for comic sales in June 2019 and sales are down, compared to the previous month. Retailers ordered just about $42.3 million in comic books and graphic novels, a drop from last month’s $47 million.

Month over month sales saw both comics and graphic novels numbers down with graphic novels down 10% in dollars. Year over year though sees an overall rise in dollars, but a drop in units.

For market shares, Marvel led the pack with almost 50% of unit shares. Dynamite overtook Viz for the seventh spot.

DC took five of the top ten spots in comic books by units. Marvel took four and Image took one due to Walking Dead #192.

Marvel took five of the top spots for comic books by dollars. DC took four spots and Image took one.

For graphic novels by units, DC took five of the top ten spots. Tokyopop placed well taking two spots. Image, Action Lab, and Viz all took one spot.

For graphic novels by dollars, DC took the top five spots, with two titles over $125 or more. Marvel took two spots, with both titles over $75.00. Tokyopop, Dark Horse, and Image all took one spot.

Marvel shipped more than twice the comics and graphic novels than its nearest competitor DC.

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