Heroic Printer Intern Tries To Save World From Donny Cates’ Venom #16 Captions

Wednesday sees the release of Venom #16 written by Donny Cates and drawn by Juan Gedeon. Or would be written by Cates if it wasn’t for the heroic actions of an intern at the printer Marvel Comics uses.

Cates took to Twitter to report that there was a printing error which removed a few captions from a double page spread.

But what Donny Cates thought was a printing error was actually due to the printer intern Vlad Kozinkerov. When reached for comment, Kozinkerov said, “They say Vlad print the issue. Vlad does. But Vlad not read well. Vlad see’s opportunity to fix. Now everyone read easier. Comic will probably sell more because of Vlad. What is boss going to do to Vlad? Fire Vlad for helping people read? HA! Vlad is savior to comics. Boss should hire Vlad. Vlad is modern day Spark Note.”

The image before Vlad got his hands on it is below.

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