‘gen:LOCK’ to Toonami Reveal Leaked Early! Is all Well with Toonami?!

gen:LOCK is coming to Toonami! Yesterday it was officially announced via Variety, and teased earlier in the day by animation studio Rooster Teeth that the series would be joining the animated late-night block. Not soon after a promo video was revealed:

The series will have the voice talent of Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Maisie Williams, Kōichi Yamadera, Golshifteh Farahani, Asia Kate Dillon, and David Tennant. The plot for the series is that it takes place fifty-years into the future where an authoritarian power threatens the world, and the only thing that can stop them is a rag-tag team that pilots giant mechas.

However, what is VERY curious is that several hours before the official announcement, the news was leaked on 4Chan’s /co/ boards. Early on Saturday night, prior to Toonami block airing, the board has a “General” which then leads into the programming with many folk commentating on the episodes.

However, during the first “general” someone anonymous posted on and stayed they were an Adult Swim employee. Now the threads are currently in archive (but only be around for a week before it is deleted). Thankfully, I have screencaps from that thread and one that came after the announcement.

Of course many on the board claimed that he was fake. However, when the announcement came in the morning, many began to talk about that AS employee who had posted earlier and wondered if there was merit to their claim. Sure enough the anonymous AS employee returned.

Of course the flaw in what they’re saying is that the show is replacing Sword Art Online: Alicization July 19th. The claim is false in that regard. We know given that gen:LOCK is premiering on August 3rd.

There are possibly a few more posts in the last thread, but at this point I just wanted to present these posts in particular.

Some even lately have been asking the relationship about Funanimation and Toonami having soured over the years (as seen by a thread on Reddit, and recently with an episode of Attack on Titan which AS themselves have said it was their fault). Yet, you can’t help but feel some truth to this anonymous employees words.

What you think? True or false? You decide.

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