Akira Yoshida Claims New Marvel Writers Don’t Know How Long Gigs Will Last

Over the weekend Kurt Busiek was reminiscing about his early Avengers work and criticized himself for overloading the story. It didn’t take long before Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Akira Yoshida piggy-backed off Busiek’s tweet to criticize new Marvel writers, claiming that new writers aren’t sure how long the gig will last, so they try to squeeze too much into the story.

Yoshida’s tweet itself earned criticism from many in regards to the lack of knowledge that a writer knows how long the gig will last, since part of Yoshida’s job is to know how long writers are on titles, which is hard to do when series are being cancelled early.

In addition to the above, some took Yoshida to task for criticizing Marvel writers after he himself impersonated a Japanese man in order to get around Marvel’s once rule that editors couldn’t also be writers.

Meanwhile, some creators agreed with Yoshida, which is a safe bet since comics is a small industry.

If Marvel properly promoted comics and allowed their series to breathe instead of cancelling them early, writers might know how long the gigs will last.

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