Viz Launches ‘Tranformers: The Manga’ This Winter

The Transformers launched in the West back in 1984 as a cartoon and a Marvel comic series. In Japan, Kodansha published Transformers manga in the pages of TV Magazine (aka. Terebi Magazine), originally telling stories surrounding the television episodes, then original tales, and fading out by 1991. Those Japanese efforts have not been localized in the West, but that will change later this year.

During Anime Expo, Viz made an announcement via Twitter, that they would be publishing the Transformers manga for the West, as Transformers: The Manga Volume 1, this Winter. This will collect the G1 era manga published in the aforementioned TV Magazine.

Here’s a larger view of the cover:

Transformers: The Manga Volume 1 (note: the katakana on the cover says “Transformers the Comic Vol. 01”

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