The Green Lantern #9 Is My Kind of Comic Drug!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed The Green Lantern (the last issue I recall reading/glancing at was– when did Adam Strange show up? It was that issue. So what was that three issues ago?), but I knew somehow someway given this was being written by Grant Morrison there’d be some deep reaches in the history of GL Hal Jordan, multiverse shenanigans, and the Green Lantern #9 delivered that in spades.

Yes, the final issue of the Walking Dead #193 will overshadow this, but for me this is why I read comic books. For the insanity that sometimes it can deliver (besides story telling, which TWD got it done with this week).

But for those who don’t wish to join in on the insanity and clicked this article by mistake. I’m going to use those plucky nice spoiler warnings psuedofolio did for me. So here we go….

So in #9, Hal goes on a multiverse journey with another version of Abin Sur. This Abin along with other universe’s GLs protect the multiverse from threats that go beyond universal and the current one Abin is dealing with is testing him as he gave the next villain of the arc Qwa-Man, the keys to the multiverse.

And it’s the reveal of the Qwa-Man which gets me all giddy.

Now I bet you’re asking yourself? WHO THE HECK IS THAT?!

Whelp he’s a variant of the Cyborg Superman aka Hank Henshaw aka a character if you know me love him for the utter comic crack the character is. That is a bonkers design that artist Liam Sharp gave him. So yes, a multiverse form of the Cyborg Superman just might be the final boss in Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern opus (well there are three issues left). That makes me laugh mightily if this turns out to be true.

But yeah, this really tickled my comic book bone this week. I never even expected it (I should have), it’s Grant Morrison after all. But still it’s a welcome surprise nonetheless.

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