No One Left To Fight Gets 4 Page Prequel Comic Revealing Backstory

No One Left To Fight is an action-packed fantasy comic from writer Aubrey Sitterson, artist Fico Ossio, and letterer Taylor Esposito. Published by Dark Horse Comics, No One Left To Fight explores what happens after the final battle is won and asks “What does a fighter do when there’s no one left to fight?” The first issue released today July 3, 2019.

Sitterson recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the relationship between the two main characters: Timór and Vâle.

The relationship between Goku and Vegeta has always been the most interesting part of Dragon Ball,” Sitterson tells EW. “Vegeta is always the bridesmaid, the perpetual second-best, and when you’re an angsty young teenage boy, no one speaks to you better than that. You feel like a prince with destiny but one guy getting in your way, and he’s this goofy cornball dude. We wanted that to sit at the core of our story. Fico and I worked really hard on this for months. We didn’t just want to do Dragon Ball pastiche. The idea was to take the core of that dynamic, and then rebuild the continuity around it to heighten it. That’s why Vale and Timor aren’t guys who met as adults. They were found by Mistress Harga as infants, and grew up and trained together. It makes that dynamic of jealousy and rivalry even more powerful.

Entertainment Weekly also revealed a 4 page prequel comic narrated by Timór and the guitar-playing anthropomorphic tiger Billy Von Katz, it goes through the history of Vâle and Timór’s battles.

Check out the comic, that we copied and pasted, below and our interview with Ossio and Esposito here.

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