Despite Comic Ending, AMC Plans To Milk The Cash Cow That Is The Walking Dead Forever

In a statement this week, AMC reassured fans that it would continue its plan to turn into The Walking Dead network by any means necessary.

“This extraordinary comic created a world that already lives in multiple forms, and in the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world, and will for many years to come.”

In a surprise twist, The Walking Dead comic ended this week. Today’s issue #193 contained a letter to readers from creator Robert Kirkman thanking them for being along for the ride.

“In a way, killing this series has been a lot like killing a major character. Much, much harder… but the same feeling. I don’t WANT to do it. I’d rather keep going… But the story is telling me what it wants and what it needs. This needs to happen. Whether I want it or not.”

AMC’s The Walking Dead is entering its 10th season, while the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead is in its fifth season. Another spinoff and a series of movies starring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes are both in the works, so expect The Walking Dead to shamble on and overstay its welcome.

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