Sitcomics To Continue Telling Full Stories For Only $3.99 With New Summer Titles

The publisher Sitcomics has announced its “Class of 2019” Binge Books, triple-sized comics set to release July 31. Each Binge Book is 64 pages long for only $3.99 and the three titles to be released this summer are Blue Baron #3, Startup #3, and Headhunter #1.

Founded by former Seinfeld writer Darin Henry, the company isn’t trying to raise sales through gimmicks or variants.

“Slapping multiple different covers on the same printed story does nothing to increase readership. If anything, the practice confuses and discourages new readers. Our Variant Value program means that even though each copy of The Blue Baron Binge Book #3 will have the same image on its front cover, everyone who buys it in print will still get to enjoy three all-new Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema covers for the price of one.”

The Blue Baron Binge Book #3

The super-powered bodyswap comedy is back with an all-new, 64-page epic featuring a terrifying new super villain called Professor Wrath. His mission in life is to teach the world about the superior power of evil and his first student is The Blue Baron! Written by Darin Henry (Futurama), pencils and cover by Ron Frenz (Amazing Spider-Man), with inks by Sal Buscema, Scott Koblish, Al Milgrom & Joe Rubinstein, colors by Glenn Whitmore and letters by Marshall Dillon. Rated 8PM. 64 FC pages, $3.99.

Headhunter Binge Book #1

Headhunter is a homeless, super-powered vigilante who decides to become a mainstream superhero in order to adopt an orphaned baby girl. Unfortunately, the rest of society isn’t convinced that a former homeless, super-powered vigilante is a good fit for fatherhood. The Heroes Union guest star in this feel- good, family-friendly, 64-page, self-contained extravaganza from writer Darin Henry (KC Undercover), artist Steven E. Gordon (X-Men: Evolution), colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Marshall Dillon. Cover by Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema. Rated 8PM. 64 FC pages, $3.99.

Startup Binge Book #3

Startup, the 300-pound single mom who’s also a 300 mile per hour superhero, is back in an all-new triple-sized adventure! When an innocent bystander is killed during a bank robbery, Startup vows to capture the killer or die trying, but a hired assassin called Pinstripes is determined to make sure she dies trying. Co-Plotter and scripter Todd Dezago (Sensational Spider-Man) joins regular artist Craig Rousseau, colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Marshall Dillon to bring you this 64 page murder mystery featuring the origin and first appearance of The Disruptor! Cover by Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema. Rated 8PM. 64 FC pages, $3.99.

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