DC Universe Makes Last Minute Change to ‘Young Justice’s Schedule!!

Oh, this is not going to make subscribers to the DC Universe streaming service happy. With only four days until the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders (aka season 3) airs on the service a last minute scheduling change has occurred.

Like they did back in January, three episodes will air on July 2nd. HOWEVER, starting July 9th only one new episode will debut on the network for seven weeks straight. On August 27th the final three episodes aka the season finale will air on the network.

Here’s the schedule they posted:

Ugh… that’s just so low-ball to do this with only a few days left before they air. There’s was some amusingly ironic news to this. Teletoon (a Canadian channel that airs cartoons shows the program up north) would begin airing the show on July 7th with two episodes per week, and would have eventually shown the new episodes before the streaming service. But– it looks like someone at Warner Bros. caught wind of the error (or someone else did) as the Young Justice Wiki on Twitter then pointed out that Teletoon had changed their schedule to accommodate the new change.

Oh so close.

So the question is, will there be another outlet that Warner Bros. didn’t count on and this will leak before hand? There will be a DC Universe panel at SDCC next month. So for those who want to air their grievances. Well…

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