Vader & Conan To Appear In ‘Marvel Comics #1000’

There was once a time where licensed characters like Godzilla, Micronauts, and Rom appeared in regular Marvel titles but that hasn’t happened much in recent years. Now, Marvel is reaching back to a long time ago to help prop up it’s 80th anniversary special Marvel Comics #1000.

The recent re-acquisition of Conan led to his appearance in an Avengers event comic, and even onto the Savage Avengers team. The barbarian king will be making his way into another Marvel comic, Marvel Comics #1000. The one-page Conan tale will be written by Ralph Macchio with art by Marco Checchetto.

Marvel Comics #1000 Conan promotional image

And Conan isn’t the only one from Marvel’s licensed past who will be making an appearance in the 80-page comic, Star Wars‘ own Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. Similar to Conan, the Star Wars license went to Dark Horse before coming back to Marvel. The Marvel Comics #1000 Vader one page appearance will be by writer Charles Soule and artist Terry Dodson.

Marvel Comics #1000 Darth Vader promotional image

Now the question is, will Darth Vader be joining the Savage Avengers too?

Marvel Comics #1000 journeys to comic shelves in August. No word if Conan and Vader will be appearing in Marvel Comics #1001.

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