DC Adds Dark Fantasy Limited-Series ‘The Last God’ To Black Label Line

In the wake of the announcement of DC consolidating its different imprints (eg. Vertigo, Zoom, Ink) and switching to age-related labels, and just a couple days after announcing a horror line, comes the announcement of another Black Label (that means for adults, kids) horror series. This time it will be a “dark high-fantasy” horror series titled The Last God.

Here’s DC’s summary of the series:

Thirty years ago, a fellowship of legendary adventurers saved their world by slaying the demonic tyrant Mol Uhltep—The Last God. Following his downfall, the realm entered a new age of peace and prosperity. But a generation later, when the leader of the original fellowship dies, their children and successors learn their terrible lie:

The Last God still lives.

A new generation of heroes must unearth the secrets that their parents kept, and set out to finish what was started thirty years before. And this time, they must not fail.

The Last God is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, with art by Riccardo Federici, and colors by Dean White. Lettering will be done by Tom Napolitano and covers (for at least the first three issues) are by Kai Carpenter.

The 12-issue limited series will debut just in time for Halloween, October 30. From the title on the cover, “The Last God Book 1 of the Fellspyre Chronicles”, it looks like there may be plans for more than just 12 issues…

The Last God #1 cover by Kai Carpenter
The Last God #2 cover by Kai Carpenter
The Last God #3 cover by Kai Carpenter
Cain Anuun world map by Jared Blando
The Last God #1 sample page by Riccardo Federici and Dean White
The Last God #1 sample page by Riccardo Federici and Dean White




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