BOOM! To Use App To Bug You To Buy New Kieron Gillen Comic

BOOM! Studios has partnered with ComicHub to “drive pre-orders and off-the-shelf purchases for comic stores selling Once and Future, the upcoming series by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora.”

ComicHub is a tool which allows comic stores to take orders from customers. BOOM! will utilize targeted emails and in-app ads to push Once and Future to attempt to get customers into stores. The ComicHub platform tracks available inventory and lets consumers know if and where a comic is available.

BOOM! Studios President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik said:

“We’ll be able to click within ComicHub, go into Once and Future #1, and go, ‘Great,’” he said. “’We can see that on the East Coast, it’s in stock in Philadelphia, and Washington, and North Carolina, in the following stores.’  We can get very specific at a very affordable rate and use the power of our quarter-million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to actually drive customers into those stores.”

It’s actually a great step forward for the comics industry, which is notoriously known for only taking steps backward. If you’re wondering if a comic shop has a copy of a comic you’re interested in, ComicHub would be able to tell you if it’s in stock.

Once and Future #1 is set to release August 14.

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