Sony Still Wants a ‘Black Cat’ Movie to Cross Viewers!

The Black Cat live-action movie luck hasn’t run out! Amy Pascal the former Sony head honcho now just a producer for the company revealed the project isn’t as dead as one would have thought.

In an interview with Screenrant, Pascal confirmed that the project is still very much in development.

We’re still working on that. I think we have plans for that.

Originally, the character showed up as just Felicia Hardy (played by Felicity Jones) in 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, but was just a side character. That still hasn’t stopped Sony from continuing to pursue a movie of the character. Before something threw a wrench, a Black Cat & Silver Sable movie was scheduled by Sony at the same time Venom was being made. A director, Gina Prince-Bythewood was named, and since then– nothing has come about the project.

Of course, the film was just one of MANY characters from Spider-Man comics that were planned to be made into live-action films. The other, Morbius starring Jared Leto will be out July next year. Personally, I’d just enjoy a ton more animated Spider-Verse spinoffs. Until, well the inevitable happens. I mean let’s face it. Sony would be stupid not to allow some of these characters to cross into the MCU and continue the partnership with Disney/Marvel over them. More so with the universe only seemingly going to get bigger in the next phase.

I guess we’ll see when time moves on whether luck will shine on a live-action Black Cat movie or not.

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