‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Reigns Over $100 Million Domestically!

On the good side of movie news (unlike poor Dark Phoenix), Godzilla: King of the Monsters kicked over the hundred million dollars hurdle this weekend at the box office (it is now made $102 million dollars domestically).

While, still under-performing against its 2014 predecessor ($201 million it amassed in the US). The film has already out-performed last year’s kaiju genre entries in Pacific Rim: Uprising ($59 million) and this week Rampage ($101 million). Globally, the film is a hit having raked in $366 million in the box office, and with it getting a second month theatrically in China, that’ll probably only grow.

The movie was torn to shreds by the critics (I was one of the few that understood the film for what it was), and it did find an audience nonetheless. No doubt it’ll continue to once it goes to media market in digital, Blu-Ray, and DVD. I can already foresee this film having a much better shelf life than the 1998 and 2014 films that followed the popular King of the Monsters.

Now if we’re talking true box office bombs there’s always King Kong Lives (1986) which was a sequel set ten years after the 1976 remake with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange:

That’s right. I’m gonna talk some smack on Kong. If Godzilla is going up against that false King next year in Godzilla vs. Kong, then let’s talk true box office bombs, which Godzilla: King of the Monsters is truly not! It shall reign in true Godzilla fans’ hearts! It was made in half the time it took that damn dirty ape and was a much better film.

Truly, Kong is a false king, while Godzilla gives us loyal followers better sequels in less time than that lazy simian!

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