Disney Nabs Waititi For Flash Animated Movie

Flash! Aaah-aaaah! Savior of the universe!

Okay not that version, but it looks like Disney/Fox is attempting again to resurrect Flash Gordon as a movie. The plans to bring back the property, originally a space opera comic strip from the 1930s by Alex Raymond, goes back to at least 2015 before the Fox and the mouse were joined. This time, Disney thinks they know who can “crack” the movie, and it is Thor: Ragnarok‘s Taika Waititi.

If things go as planned, the film would be animated, and go back to the series pulpy origin, not the camp of the 1980 Queen-fueled flick. Waititi may be onboard to direct, but that is not settled yet as it is too early on in the development (even though they have been trying to make it happen for a while). No release date has been set for the film.

The folks at Dynamite must be happy.

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