‘Halloween 2018’ Apparently Getting a Sequel for 2020!

You can’t kill the boogeyman.

Collider is reporting that the sequel for 2018’s Halloween, which in turn is a sequel to 1978’s Halloween. Regardless of how it hurts your head on what it is a sequel to, the movie will be written and might by David Gordon Green again (who co-wrote/directed the 2018 film).

Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak are all expected to reprise their roles of the Strode family who survived the ordeal against the Shape from the 2018 film. A sequel shouldn’t come at all a surprise as well given just as the end credits to the film rolled, the Shape’s breath could be heard; signaling he survived his fate of being burned alive in Laurie Strode’s compound. Add that Green and the other writer for the movie, Danny McBride, said they envisioned one more film.

In all, honesty I just want to hear the confirmation that John Carpenter and his family (Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies) are also returning to score once again for the film. While the performances of the cast, and direction of Green hearkened back to the original film and are all solid.

The score made the movie something even more. Giving the watcher a sense of unease, and just on the edge of your seats. And once the Shape began to stalk Allyson. You were in as uneasy and ready to get the hell out of there as much as the character was.

That alone shows the power of a film’s score.

The news will supposedly confirmed sometime near the end of this summer, and filming for the film will begin this fall. A October 16, 2020 theatrical release is apparently what they’ll be aiming for.

And come on what’s the worse that they can? They really can’t make a bad sequel given we already have 2009’s Halloween 2. Or Halloween Resurrection (2002)…. Or 1995’s Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Okay, let’s face it. Halloween franchise has had a lot of shitty sequels.

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