Amazon Agrees To Cancel Stranger Things If Netflix Cancels Good Omens

Thousands of people have signed a petition to have Netflix cancel Good Omens. Their reasonings are as follows:

• An angel and demon are good friends, and are meant to be earth’s ambassadors for Good and Evil respectively.

• This pair tries to stop the coming of the Antichrist because they are comfortable and like the earth so much.

• God is voiced by a woman.

• The Antichrist, who will oppose the Kingdom of God, is portrayed as a normal kid that has special powers and a mission to destroy the world which he doesn’t really want to do.

• There are groups of Satanic “nuns” that are chosen to raise the Antichrist.

• The four riders of the Apocalypse, God’s means of punishing sinful earth, are portrayed as a group of bikers.

Amazon Prime, the actual streaming service behind Good Omens, took to Twitter to strike a bargain with Netflix.

Good Omens sees an angel and a demon, played by Michael Sheen and David Tennant, trying to stop the upcoming Armageddon. It is airing now on Amazon Prime.

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