And the Spider-Countdown Reveal is– J.J. Abrams is Writing a Spider-Man Comic!

For the past few days Marvel has been counting down to SOMETHING Spider-Man related. It all started with Marvel tweeting out a webbed #4.

The internet was ablaze at first thinking somehow this had something to do with Sam Rami’s Spider-Man movies somehow. It probably didn’t help artist Alex Ross (or whomever runs his twitter account) fell into this trap and fanned those flames (We on the other hand were not so easily caught. Ha! HA!). Here’s a tweet that was posted by the account before it was deleted:

Once the countdown actually began disappointment set in and fans were like, “Why would you start a countdown at 4?” and they would be right. Why would you start a countdown at 4? Unless you were doing a comic of Spidey and the Fantastic Four (Wait they’re not doing that? DAMMIT!! I WAS CAUGHT IN THE WEB OF LIES!!!)?!

And now the reveal of just what Marvel was counting down too has been revealed: J.J. Abrams and his son Henry will be writing a six-issue mini-series drawn by Sara Pichelli and Olivier Coipel on the cover.

Speaking of the cover to #1 here it is: .

That’s so– alright?

Nah it just feels weird. Really weird. More so just the way Spidey is holding Mary Jane in the cover. Then there’s the later is pointing at us, probably mocking us at how so many of us lured into this countdown that wasn’t Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four and we get such a disappointing cover.

Wait, just one cover? I mean that’s it? Just one? Not a hundred variants for this comic? I am so disappointed at you Marvel. Propping a comic with J.J. Abrams and not fully abusing it with a hundred different variants. Shame. SHAME (Nah, the real shame is this wasn’t Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four)!

Well, hopefully the plot isn’t lost or it must be posted under an alias, because the plot really hasn’t been talked about in any of the press releases. Oh, wait here it is, about as hidden like the Cloverfield monster:

And with that collaboration, now J.J., Henry, Sara, Olivier, and colorist Dave Stewart join forces to craft a comic that begins with a simple question… Who is Cadaverous!? 

The brand-new Super Villain is unveiled, the Marvel Universe reacts, and Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are forced to contend with it all. But it may not be the Web-Head you’ve always known… “The story shows Peter Parker in a way you haven’t seen him before,” teases J.J.

Spider-Man #1 will be out in September. You may now over lord us all with comments on this.

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