‘Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big’ Webs Erik Larsen

Yeah, it’s yet another celebratory issue for Marvel‘s 80th anniversary. In September, Marvel will be calling in Savage Dragon creator and Image co-founder Erik Larsen to contribute to their Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 one-shot comic. Larsen did a few issues of Amazing Spider-Man here and there starting with issue 287 in 1987, and more regularly starting in 1989 with issue 329. Marvel is also enlisting classic creators writer Gerry Conway and artist Mark Bagley to work on the issue. Larsen will help co-write and also do some art for the issue along with “more”.

The plot for the comic remains a mystery, the only tidbit provided by Marvel is “… this killer Spidey story will keep you guessing until the very last page…”

Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big #1 cover by Erik Larsen

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