IDW Will Relaunch ‘G.I. Joe’ Again In September

Apparently the venomous organization Cobra took command of IDW‘s twitter feed today (we couldn’t tell) to promote a new G.I. Joe series.

IDW published G.I. Joe starting in 2008 and has relaunched the title four times, the most recent being in 2016. Most recently IDW published the G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte mini-series. It looks like Cobra has taken over this time around. Conrad S. Hauser (Code Name: Duke) and Shana M. O’Hara (Code Name: Scarlett) have been confirmed for the series. The book will be written by Paul Allor who says:

“This story is inspired both by modern warfare – where non-state actors fight vastly overpowered militaries to a perpetual standstill – and World War II, where Great Britain’s SOE recruited civilians behind enemy lines.”


“Old-school G.I. Joe fans will absolutely love it and find it true to everything G.I. Joe stands for, and new folks will be attracted to a deeply character-driven tale of hope and humanity, and about the power of resilience in an increasingly unraveling world.”

Chris Evenhuis has been recruited to do art on the book. G.I. Joe will storm comic book shelves in September.

G.I. Joe (2019) promotional art



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