‘Alpha Flight’ Takes Off Again, Eh

As part of Marvel‘s 80th birthday celebration, Marvel will be bringing back their most famous Canadian super team Alpha Flight, for at least one issue. The House of Ideas will be assembling a Canadian creative team to work on Alpha Flight: True North #1 including writers Jim Zub, Jed MacKay, and Ed Brisson⁠ and artists Max Dunbar, Djibril Morissette-Phan, and Scott Hepburn. Nick Bradshaw will be providing the cover.

Marvel describes the comic:

Featuring three brand-new tales no one has ever told before, ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1 sees Canada’s greatest creators unearth the secret history of squad stalwarts Puck, Snow-bird [sic], Talisman, Northstar, Marrina, Guardian, and Vindicator!

Alpha Flight made their first appearance in April 1979’s Uncanny X-Men #120 and has had at least four series of their own. The most recent iteration of the team was space-based, in the pages of Captain Marvel. This title (one-shot? Marvel did not specify) looks like a return to a more classic version of the team. Alpha Flight: True North #1 launches in September.

Alpha Flight: True North #1 cover by Nick Bradshaw


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