Mad Cave Studios September 2018 Solicitations

Writer: Mark London
Artist/Cover: Michael Camelo
Colorist: Tekino
Letterer: Miguel Zapata
Everything has led up to this, from the Dire Beast saga, the events at the Skeleton Maze, to the Battelcats’ current trials at North Blade. Tensions reach a boiling point between our heroes as they prepare for their final trial before the start of Rorinhal. Meanwhile, King Eramad’s worst nightmare becomes a reality…
In Shops: September 25, 2019
Page Count: 28
SRP: $3.99

Writer: Anthony Cleveland
Artist/Cover: Jeferson Sadzinski
Colorist: Julian Gonzalez
Letterer: Justin Birch
After the massacre outside of Ft. Worth, the freak show makes its way to the cemetery where all freaks are buried; Show’s End. Upon their arrival, the group bonds over Flipsy’s death and accepts Loralye into their family. Meanwhile, the sinister Captain Corley prepares to revive his old show…
In Shops: September 18, 2019
Page Count: 24
SRP: $3.99

Writer: Mark London
Artist/Cover: Nicolas Salamanca
Colorist: Tekino
Letterer: Miguel Zapata
Honor and Curse Vol. 1: Torn collects all six issues of the smash-hit supernatural, shinobi series from Mad Cave Studios in this sharp trade paperback. Follow Genshi as he struggles to come to terms with the demon inside him, a forbidden love’s crazed father, and a fate yet to be determined. Complete with exclusive back matter, this is the perfect way to get caught up on the latest hit from Mark London, Nicolas Salamanca, and Tekino.
In Shops: September 11, 2019
Page Count: 176
SRP: $14.99

Writer: Anthony Cleveland
Artist/Cover/Color: Mauricio Villarreal
Letterer: Miguel Zapata
This Halloween season, embark on a spooky quest with Battlecats: Halloween ComicFest Special. Be sure to get your hands on this beautiful issue illustrated by artist from the smash-hit, Knights of the Golden Sun, Mauricio Villarreal.
In Shops: October 26, 2019
Page Count: 36
SRP: Free

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